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  • agpaitic — ag·pa·it·ic …   English syllables

  • Zektzerite — Infobox mineral name = Zektzerite category = Mineral (Inosilicate) boxwidth = boxbgcolor = imagesize = caption = formula = LiNa(Zr,Ti,Hf)Si6O15 molweight = 529.66 gm color = Colorless to pink habit = system = Orthorhombic twinning = cleavage =… …   Wikipedia

  • Arfvedsonite — is a sodium amphibole mineral with composition: Na3(Fe,Mg)4FeSi8O22(OH)2: sodium, iron, magnesium, inosilicate, hydroxide. It crystallizes in the monoclinic prismatic crystal system and typically occurs as greenish black to bluish grey fibrous to …   Wikipedia

  • Carbonatite — Carbonatites (pronEng|kɑrˈbɒnətaɪt) are intrusive or extrusive igneous rocks defined by mineralogy that comprises more than 50 volume % carbonate minerals. Carbonatites may be confused with marble, and may require geochemical… …   Wikipedia

  • Mont Saint-Hilaire — (Dieppe and Rocky summits) seen from Otterburn Park. Elevation …   Wikipedia

  • Lovozero Tundras — ( ru. Ловозёрские тундры, Lovozyorskiye Tundry , named after the lake in that area – Lovozero Lake; the region is also known as ru. Ловозёрье, Lovozyorye ) is a mountain range located in the center of Kola Peninsula, in Russia, between Lovozero… …   Wikipedia

  • zektzerite — noun A mineral of agpaitic granites …   Wiktionary

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